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A letter from our Wedding Manager, Cassie

In a world where Covid-19 is the enemy, love will prevail!

I knew the minute I met Ben and Lauren in late 2019 that I’d remember them for some time. These two have shared quite the journey over the past year…

Ben and Lauren’s story began long before we met. They had already lost their initial wedding venue well before COVID-19 was a word any of us knew, so it wasn’t surprising their spirits were a little deflated at our first meeting.

We met at The Warehouse for a viewing and as soon as they reached the Loft door I knew our wedding ‘friendship’ would evolve beyond a simple meet and greet.

They fell in love with the history and heritage features — 4-metre-high arched windows, the rustic brick work and Tuscan-inspired rooftop and from there our design journey began.

The Warehouse, Brisbane

Ben and Lauren gave me the pleasure of meeting their beautiful little girls Peyton and Audrey, while explaining they wanted to keep things relaxed but stylish. We were able to design and create a wedding that involved sharing a meal with friends and loved ones, but also reflect their relationship. We worked together right up until April 2020, and had all but the final wines selected, when our dear friend Coronavirus came knocking.

From here, we played the game I know only too well now (having excelled in re-scheduling dates, vendors and numbers more times than I care to remember over the past eight months) of postponing their wedding.

Once we found a new date, we settled into the waiting game, for when restrictions would ease and life could go back to ‘normal’ promptly in September. Then Covid-19 reared her ugly head again and when Ben and Lauren’s business was suddenly affected by the virus, the wedding planning experience became a little bit ‘too hard basket’, particularly with venues still being restricted from ‘vertically drinking’, mingling and dancing. Having to make the difficult decision to then cancel their Warehouse Wedding (remembering this was the third attempt), Ben and Lauren then made the finite choice to bring their wedding back home and be married under a century old Moreton Bay fig at Ben’s parents home in Samford.

I assisted them with this transition and we created a new wedding concept together — one where dancing, mingling and relaxing was on the cards (and one where COVID-19 was not invited). So, on we went — picking up where we left off with re-designing, re-booking, re-shuffling to a new date in October.

Nevertheless, it was not to be. COVID-19 again showed up and gathering in private properties was now restricted to ten guests. If you have been paying close attention, you may note this was now the fourth interruption to their wedding plan. I’m pretty sure at this point Lauren would have been happy to call it quits and be done with ever getting married!

Fortunately for Ben and Lauren, the 3rd October became available at their beloved Warehouse and with a few adjustments we were able to create their dream wedding — again. By this stage restrictions were lifted in and guests could move freely throughout the venue. The bride and groom could even share their first dance and enjoy time with loved ones.

True to my nature, I couldn’t let it end there. That fig at Mr and Mrs Sippels’ home was a beauty and the plan to light it up like a (with taste, ambient toned light and well styled) Christmas tree was now defunct with version #5 of their wedding planning experience. So, what do you do in this situation?

You bring the tree to the venue, that is what you do! Filling the room with cascading branches, maple leaves, autumnal floral tones and creeping greenery, we created a little bit of Autumn within the rustic, Tuscan walls of The Warehouse. The room was magical and the ceremony was the most beautiful, emotional experience I can remember in over twelve years of wedding planning. Audrey and Peyton created a path for their beautiful mother Lauren, and the rest is history.

Hosting your wedding at The Warehouse is more than a ceremony and reception. It tells your story. It creates an experience, expressing parts of yourself and weaving that into the day, into everything we do.

Just like the best love stories, Ben and Lauren’s journey didn’t run smoothly, but they had their happy ending and love prevailed! View a gallery of their day, below.

And from B&L themselves….

“Thank you so much for everything you did for us over the last year or so. You’re patience and ability to steer us through the COVID s**t show was amazing. You kept us calm and moving forward when we felt like giving up. And then to have it all come together as it did on Saturday was amazing. So many people have commented on the styling and how it was the most beautifully styled wedding they have been to. And Lauren and myself certainly agree.  

Bianca and the staff of The Warehouse were just as amazing on the day/night. Their service was second to none and we have received just as many positive comments in relation to that. We feel so lucky to have had all of you involved in our wedding and truly don’t know the words to express our gratitude. All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

Words by Cassie Visser – Group Wedding Manager at Katarzyna: Cloudland, The Warehouse & The Island Gold Coast

If you would like Cassie to help bring your special day to life, contact her at:

Email:  cassie.visser@katarzyna.com.au
Direct Line: + 61 7 3114 7451